As a software engineer, I love seeking best design and creative methods for better software archtecture. I'm also passionate about applying the design process for creation. This gallery is a part of my attempts.

Pacific Saury (Watercolor) Skulls around the crown of head, beautiful gradients, texture of scales are challenges of drawing fishes. I attempted to express the hardness and texture of skulls by mixing less water with black ink. I also figured out embossed paper is helpful for beautiful scales. Gradients are easier to express in water color, by putting black on the tip, deepblue one the root of the blush.

Fish in DNA Sea (Pen, Computer Color Fill) This fish was born in the earth as a normal fish. But one day, when he was eating a plankton, he realized the taste varies each by each. Suddenly, his mind understood the truth of the universe. Color filling was done by GodBlessPaint which is a simple but effective strategy of color fill.